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Actionstep is a flexible, easy to use software platform for ambitious law firms to manage and grow their practice. With unlimited scope to scale & evolve, Actionstep’s legal practice management software will take you every step of your journey as a law firm.

Actionstep easily integrates with the applications you're already using

Save Time with Automation

Generate complex documents and emails, auto-assign tasks, receive automated reports, and exceed your clients' expectations.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

Automate and increase visibility into every decision and all steps, tasks and outputs of a process - ensuring nothing will get missed.

Maximize Billable Hours

Accurately track time against a fixed fee matter, and then run reports to show how much time has been invested.

Stay On Top of Your Legal Paperwork

Create document templates that can be automatically populated with client and matter data, allowing you to save time and reduce errors.

“Actionstep has allowed us to grow, it has allowed us to expand because it adds systems, adds organization & efficiency. It gives me a platform for recurring revenue streams. It let me build a successful business.”

Amelia Crotwell, JD, Founder & Owner of Elder Law of East Tennessee

All the Technology You Need to Run Your Firm

Billing and Accounting

Meet your back-office needs with banking, financial reporting, and a multi-currency general ledger.

Email & Calendar

Manage communication and appointments in one platform. Sync with Microsoft or Google accounts.


Access accurate information about billing, practice areas, staff, and more with powerful reporting tools.

Matter & Client Management

Process matters more efficiently  with configurable workflow, folder structure, data fields, document templates, billing arrangements, and reports. 

Document Management

Create templates, generate documents using matter fields, save and search documents to quickly find any document in the system. 

Time Tracking

Track all activity with flexible timers to ensure that no billable time falls between the cracks.

Complete Front and Back Office Functionality

Run your billing from your matters and have the financial information posted through to Actionstep’s accounting system.

"It’s a product you live your entire working day in… Actionstep is a beautiful practice management system as it molds to me."

Darren Kruse, Kruse Legal

Empower Your Legal Team

Actionstep gives lawyers the headspace to listen, engage, and make a difference to clients. Try a free demo to see it in action.

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Through Actionstep’s partnership with the DC Bar, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on Actionstep's all-in-one, cloud practice management software platform. 

Transform productivity at every step.

Are you a member of the DC Bar?

Through Actionstep’s partnership with the DC Bar, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on Actionstep.

Through Actionstep’s partnership with the DC Bar, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on Actionstep.