The Most Organised Client Files & Inbox You've Ever had!

If you struggle with keeping your matters up to date and rely on your inbox to store important client data, Actionstep's Outlook add-in for Office 365, lets you manage your matters and organise your inbox as you work. 

No need to jump between Outlook & your matter management tools to keep things updated. Stay in Outlook as you assign & complete tasks, track time, update files notes, file emails & attachments, add filed documents to emails and much more with Actionstep's comprehensive Outlook Add-in.

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Get Control Of Your Inbox

Clearly see which emails have been answered, who is taking care of related tasks, which emails have been filed to matters.

Reduce the need to jump between Outlook & your practice management system. Streamline administrative processes and eliminate duplicate data entry.

Matter Management Tools Right In Your Inbox

So Much More Than Email Syncing & Filing

While many Outlook Add-ins let you sync emails and track time, Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Office 365 gives you the most comprehensive set of tools for legal practice management in Outlook.


As the first true cloud-based practice management system in the world, Actionstep’s mission is to free lawyers from the constraints of old desktop technology and to build truly efficient and modern practices.

"We want to meet lawyers in the places and systems where they are most productive"

Get control of your inbox

Bulk assign email, attachments and email threads to matters

Create & edit new & existing contacts

Keep matter files updated in real time

Stay on top of matter tasks - review, update & assign

Keep track of time & assign it to matters


What can I do with the add-in?

All your day-to-day matter management tasks can be managed from within Outlook. Bulk assign emails, attach documents to matters, set tasks & keep up to date on activities.

What can't I do using the add-in?

We have brought all the functionality we know lawyers & their teams use daily, however more complex tasks like document assembly, generating reports and accounting will need to be done in your Actionstep system.

Nothing. Once you have Actionstep, simply install the add-in to your Outlook 365 app and enjoy the most organised client files & inbox you've ever had.

How much does it cost?

What can't I do using the add-in?

What can I do with the add-in?

Stay in Outlook while you...

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Technology That Meets Lawyers Where They Already Work

- David Hepburn, President

About Our Outlook Add-in for Office 365

Wherever you are, be in control of your practice.

Wherever you are, be in control of your practice.

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Webinar - Manage Your Practice & Get Control Of Your Inbox

Lawyers face a daily productivity loss by jumping in and out of different programs & apps in order to complete legal work, manage clients, track time and keep files updated.

View this recorded webinar to learn about the impact on "context switching" (regular program changes & interruptions) on your firm's productivity. How can you improve the quality of the data in your practice management system with real-time updates that are more complete, timely and accurate?