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Who Is Actionstep For? 

"Actionstep makes our lives a lot easier by giving us absolute business certainty that an awful lot of the regulatory function - onboarding, client management, weekly reporting, WIP reports - are all absolutely bang on accurate."

Alex McPherson,


Ignition Law, London

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What Is Actionstep?

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Comprehensive Practice Management System

One software platform for your whole firm meaning seamless data and management across your business.

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Save Time With Automation

Maximize Billable Hours

Better Client Experiences

Enable Firm Growth

Actionstep puts you in control of how things are done, without having to control every little thing.

Built-in Document & Process Automation 

The flexible platform provides a complete firm management system for every step of your journey as a law firm.

Scalable & Dynamic To Fit Your Firm

Actionstep is a complete legal practice management platform for ambitious law firms.

Workflow | Automation & Workflow Software

Automate Your Client & Matter Management

Automated workflows provide end-to-end client & matter management by organizing client data assigning tasks, creating documents from templates, and automating next steps.

Create exceptional client experiences every day!

• Unique, detailed client records

• Different workflows per matter type

• Custom templates & folder structures

• Task & deadline automation

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Comprehensive | All-In-One

The Real All-In-One Legal Software Platform 


• Matter Management

• Document Assembly & Storage

• Time & Billing

• Trust & Office Accounting

• Reporting

• Integration Suite

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Over 2,500 Law firms love the customizability, accessibility, and automation power of our legal practice management software. Enable your whole firm with integratged:

Actionstep is the perfect platform for law firms who want to eliminate waste from their processes through advanced automation. With over 15000 lawyers actively using Actionstep and a 4.4/5 star rating on Capterra, we have no shortage of happy customers. 

At Actionstep, we pride ourselves on having a system with all the features your law firm needs right out of the box. This provides a single point of access for you to skyrocket your firm’s efficiency. The platform is also completely customizable to the needs and processes of your firm which means you have full flexibility to manage your firm your way.

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