Implementation & License Fee Finance

Spread out your system implementation costs. 

As the first true cloud-based practice management system in the world, Actionstep’s mission is to free lawyers from the constraints of old desktop technology and to build truly efficient and modern practices.


No need to delay the technology you need today.

To reduce the burden of up-front costs related to implementing a new practice management system, Actionstep is has great finance options for new customers. As new customers you can roll your implementation costs and/or annual licence fees into one predictable monthly repayment on a term of your choice. Interest rates vary depending on the loan amount.  

No Capital Hits

You won’t have to budget for any capital expenditure lump sums for system implementation – you can spread costs throughout the year (or more), in balance with your operating income.

No Delay For Great Tech

Eliminate the project delays caused by Capital Budget raising, timing and decision processes. There’s no need to delay the technology you need – but you can delay paying for it!

Lock In Our Monthly License Fee 

Roll your annual license fees into your finance solution. Even with interest rates, this can save on your monthly costs.



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As one of the Nation's Leading Legal Technology Finance Experts, Dimension Funding provides the financing solutions you need, so you can focus on your real priority: Your Law Firm's Operation. Through our deep knowledge of the industry, Dimension Funding has created innovative and flexible financing products that make it easy for your law firm to acquire ActionStep Software.


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Implementation & License Fee Finance

No need to delay the technology you need today.