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Who Is Actionstep For? 

"Actionstep has allowed us to grow, it has allowed us to expand because it adds systems, adds organization & efficiency. It gives me a platform for recurring revenue streams. It let me build a successful business that someone else wanted to buy."

Amelia Crotwell, JD.

Founder & Owner

Elder Law of East Tennessee

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What Is Actionstep?

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Comprehensive Practice Management System

One software platform for your whole firm, meaning seamless data and management across your business.

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Adaptable, all-in-one legal practice management software for modern law firms 

Save Time With Automation

Maximize Billable Hours

Improve Client Experiences

Enable Firm Growth

Actionstep puts you in control of how things are done, without having to control every little thing.

Built-in Document & Process Automation

The flexible platform provides a complete firm management system for every step of your journey as a law firm.

Scalable & Dynamic To Fit Your Firm

Actionstep is a complete legal practice management platform for modern law firms.

Workflow | Automation & Workflow Software

Automate Your Client & Matter Management

Automated workflows provide end-to-end client & matter management by organizing client data, assigning tasks, creating documents from templates, and automating next steps.

Create exceptional client experiences every day!

• Unique, detailed client records

• Different workflows per matter type

• Custom templates & folder structures

• Task & deadline automation

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Comprehensive | All-In-One

The Real All-In-One Legal Software Platform


• Matter Management

• Document Assembly & Storage

• Time & Billing

• Trust & Office Accounting

• Reporting

• Integration Suite

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Over 2,500 law firms love the adaptability, accessibility, and automation power of our legal practice management software platform. Enable your whole firm with integrated:

With over 15,000 legal professionals actively using Actionstep and a 4.4/5 star rating on Capterra, we have no shortage of happy customers. 

Law firms who use Actionstep are typically 10-100 person boutique or mixed practices. But it's not firm size or practice type that groups our customers - it's ambition.

Using Actionstep, our law firm customers systemize and automate their ideal client and administrative workflows but keep the freedom to modify these as their firm grows and evolves.

Above all, our customers believe that their clients are at the center of their world and want their clients to know it too. They rely on Actionstep to ensure consistently exceptional client experiences across every touchpoint at their firm. 

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Outstanding Client Experiences Every Time.

The legal sector is more competitive and more digital than ever before. Clients will engage your firm, stay with your firm and recommend your firm based on positive overall client experience.  

How do firms ensure that every client touchpoint is consistently handled with the utmost care and professionalism?

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