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Time Saving | Legal Software

Save Time With Superior Document Management

Our legal software helps you assemble & organize your paperwork to reduce errors & save time.

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Save Time With Automation

Better Client Experiences

Maximize Billable Hours

Grow Your Law Firm

  • Generate documents in seconds using document templates auto-filled with client & matter information
  • Auto-save documents to corresponding matter folders. Easily search & find your documents
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office to open, edit, and save documents seamlessly
  • Unique, detailed client records
  • Different workflows per matter type
  • Custom templates & folder structures
  • Task & deadline automation

Automated workflows provide end-to-end client & matter management by organizing client data assigning tasks, creating documents from templates and automating next steps.

Create exceptional client experiences everyday!

Automate Your Client & Matter Management

Workflow | Legal Software

  • Integrated trust accounting
  • Multi-currency & multi-practice accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Fund management & legal compliance

Run billing from your matters and post your financial information to the powerful general ledger. One of the few legal software systems with complete front and back-office functionality. 

Easily Run Your Billing & Accounting

Billing & Accounting | Legal Software

Integrating Legal Software

Integrate Actionstep With Outlook 

Manage matters and organize your inbox together with Actionstep's outlook add-in. 

  • Access matter details from your inbox
  • Manage contacts & matters
  • Automatically update clients with matter developments
  • Save time with email templates and tasks
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Thinking Of Moving To The Cloud?

If you are a law firm considering moving to cloud-based legal technology, this whitepaper will help put all the considerations into perspective. This whitepaper is written specifically about cloud-based legal technology and explores: 

  • The commonly perceived barriers to adoption.
  • The real business benefits of using cloud-based practise management software. 
  • The top questions to ask to help you assess which cloud software provider is right for your firm.

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